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How to Massage Your Child

Posted October 27, 2011 by nenek in Petua Untuk Baby & Anak2

  • start by gently stroking your child along both sides of body and work from the shoulder down to the ankles.
  • gently rub the stomach in circular motions and continue this over the chest.
  • raise the arms and massage the underarms and then, stroke the arms and gently massage the palm, hand and fingers. keep talking to your child in soft tones.
  • Massage the thigh gently, going down towards the knees, calves and ankles. Rub the soles and tops of the feet in small circular motions.
  • Turn your child over on the stomach and gently massage the back in long, stroking movements.Β  Move your hands over the bottom and back of the thighs and legs, massaging them as you move down.
  • Finally, turn your child over the back; gently massage the scalp in small, circular movements. Gently stroke along the eyebrows outwards. Massage the cheeks outwards. Keeping talking and smiling at your child.
  • Finish the massage by giving your child a gentle hug and wrap her up in a clean towel.


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